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Thanks. I used to be genuinely struggling seeking to reconcile Holland’s narrative with my prior understanding along with your comments.

Just one is automated hourly electronic “handshakes” amongst transmitters inside the engines in the Boeing 777 and an Inmarsat satellite, relayed to ground stations.

In my practical experience in the simulator, the plane has a tendency to roll left with both engines unsuccessful plus the RAT providing hydraulic and electrical power. The acknowledged ‘knowledge’ would be that the roll second is due to the left flaperon floating up when it can be unpowered. That roll moment could be exacerbated When the rudder was mis-trimmed in the exact same direction. If there are no Command inputs next the second motor failure, the aircraft will establish an important lender angle in the a single moment it's going to take for your APU to get started on creating electrical electrical power and with it the restoration of strain while in the L & R hydraulic techniques.

Thanks. My conclusion is that the BFO calibration we did for MH370 at KL along with the indisputable fact that in flight payment only utilizes Nav facts means that we are as good as we can easily be relative to BFO i.e. ocxo drift is the sole source of large prospective faults.

A powerful but fairly strange-searching ship with a large helipad cantilevered above its bridge and a gigantic crane on the rear deck will stop in its tracks.

I'm even now perplexed. The reality that the plane isn't going will not change The point that the satellite is moving. Does the AES have satellite ephemeris and the chance to modify for it? The AES would also have to be aware of its situation To achieve this.

I fully grasp you corrected your information on drogued buoys Later on. But I nevertheless don’t realize why you used the drogued Visit Your URL buoys in any respect if only to eliminate the effect of historic windage.

I wish not less than among the list of visit this web-site twenty or so preceding flights of 9M-MRO checked by the DSTG had an inflight SDU reset. Also the DSTG e book didn't explicitly state (I couldn't come across it) that BTO bias was exactly the same for the many flights.

I continue being puzzled by this transformation also. My previous understanding was the AES in 9M-MRO didn't conduct in this way i.e. this implementation is unique to a Rockwell AES.

I invested lots of effort and hard work through the years interpreting the debris as well as their problems with all possible data available to me.

Accurate, but… The GPS method has 1 pass through the environment at nominally ~twenty,000km. The ranging from the ISAT case has two passes from the ambiance at L-band, and two passes throughout the atmosphere at C-band.

I agree. The only real situation, IMO, that fits all the main points can be an intentional diversion. The simulator information by itself helps make all mechanical scenarios questionable In combination with your disconnects higher than.

The APU DC gasoline pump must have started out and ongoing to run following the remaining motor flamed out. On top of that, the left motor’s EEC ought to have activated both equally igniters soon after it detected the flame out. The still left engine could possibly have relit using the confined quantity of residual gasoline that was out there by means of the APU fuel inlet; even so, any this kind of relight is probably going to have been very quick-lived. I feel the operate-time of various seconds witnessed by @ALSM during the simulator was probably near to the mark, Regardless of the questionable simulator modelling of this kind of circumstance.

Victor, re “On the other hand, in my humble impression, a pilot handling an crisis would stay near to an appropriate airport, and descend and land. The pilot of MH370 didn't descend underneath cruise altitude given that the airplane approached Penang, then the aircraft flew faraway from it.”

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